How this works

The Souled Store’s crowd-sourcing & crowd-funding platform allows you to create & sell artwork with zero hassle, zero upfront costs, and zero risk.
It is a platform which can be used by music bands, independent artists, NGO’s, schools & colleges, communities of people with similar interests etc.
How it Works - For Buyers
For Buyers
  • Each product on the website is launched with a campaign period (ranging from 10 to 30 days) during which you will be able to purchase the product
  • Each campaign has a target quantity (quantity purchased) which needs to be met before the campaign period ends
  • If the target quantity IS MET, the product will be manufactured and shipped out to you within 2 weeks after the campaign ends
  • If the target quantity is NOT MET, the product will not be manufactured and your money will be refunded back to your account within 48 hours
How it Works – For Sellers
For Buyers
To launch your own campaign,
  • Fill in the details of your artwork and upload your design under the ‘Sell Your Artwork’ tab on the menu
  • Our in-house design team will review your work and get in touch with you
If your design is APPROVED:
  • We will put your work up for sale on the website
  • All you need to do next is to spread the word about your design and we will too
  • At the end of the campaign period, if your target quantity is met, your product will be manufactured and shipped to all the customers
  • Based on your sales, you will get paid
If your design is NOT APPROVED, we will get back to you with feedback.
Who can use The Souled Store‘s Crowdfunding platform ?
Independent Artists
All you need is a design which you want to sell. We display and promote it (as do you) on our website & social media. If your campaign reaches the target, we manufacture it, ship it, and you get paid.
Music Artists
As a band, we know you’d love to see your fans wear and flaunt their love for you. Now you can achieve this with zero investment. All you need to do is come up with a design for your band and promote the hell out of it to your fans. We manufacture. We ship. You get paid.
There are a lot of people in this world who need that little support to help them lead better lives. We just need to work together and make it happen. Now you can spread awareness and raise funds for your social cause by using this crowdfunding platform. All you need is a design.
Schools & Colleges
Here’s a way you can remember all those crazy school/college days. Come up with a design/logo you and your friends would totally want to buy. Spread the word in your school/college. We’ll do everything else and ship the products out to everyone. Plus, you get paid.
Part of a community that is let’s say into gaming or sports or films or adventure sports or coding? Having a product is the best way to feel part of the community. Come up with a design within the community that all of you would like to have. Help us promote it. If your campaign target is reached, we’ll do everything else.